Friday, January 17, 2003

quick like ninja!

i always liked how that sounds.

we finally got snow this week. 6 inches on wednesday, although it felt like 2. it was the light fluffy stuff that drifts, and blows, but if you pick up a handful, it turns to powder in your hands.

a few favorite links right now, none especially new:

microsoft's terraserver (you'd be amazed at the ariel photos that exist... it wasn't hard to find my neighborhood on this site, an old favorite i haven't played with
landover baptist it's not a real church, but satires american church culture. be warned, it can be a little crude, and worse. but it's dang funny too

quick like ninja!

Monday, January 13, 2003

as you'll see in my last post, made a month ago, i added a bunch of new contacts to trillian (i use it to chat on aim, msn, yahoo, icq all at the same time. it's pretty nifty). anyway, i'm up to nearly 200 contacts, so it's a danger to get online now, because i get swamped.

other than that, the big news is my friends are recording a demo cd, and i even got to play on one of the tracks. just a small part, but still pretty cool. we'll get some mp3s up at some point.