Saturday, December 07, 2002

stuff i've been thinking about:

- post modernism. this is one of those things i've been gnawing on for a long while now
- community, and what it means
- prayer. why do we make it so complicated, and such a production? i guess i'm as guilat as anyone of those
- the gospel. why do we tie so much baggage to it? the gospel has nothing to do with abortion, drinking, homosexuality, or voting republican. but why do we tie those things to it?
- football. hey, i gotta have some fun
- relationships. a friend brought up an interesting point. how much should you deal with your own problems, insecurities, and weaknesses before engaging in a new relationship?
- money. it sucks.
- girls. i probably think about this too much. but what guy doesn't?
- irony. what's the deal with kids who wear t-shirts from the 1982 YMCA volleyball league or whatnot? is it to be ironic? that seems to be a part of post-modernism, in that all these diverging influences all come together. the more distant two things seem to be, the more likely someone is to bring them together. like a punk band with a video starring alan thicke. i'm justing waiting for somebody to mix bluegrass and rap. or big band and synth pop. or whatever

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