Wednesday, August 06, 2003

well, I survived Soulstice. It was a music festival sponsored by my church and a local camp. I'm not sure what my official job was, but I did some of the following:

- Designed / maintained website
- Lined up radio / tv interviews to promote event
- Ran various errands
- Made flyers
- Put up tents
- Took pictures during festival, which were then used as slideshows on mainstage
- printed pictures on printer during shows, to have bands sign them directly afterwards
- MC'd mainstage
- sent out press releases

Plus, I hung out with the bands, and kids from my youth group too.

We had the following bands on mainstage
- After the Order. Local band. It's not groundbreaking music, pretty much commercial rock a la Creed, Collective Soul, etc.
- Bleach. Usually a five piece band, they played as three. Unfortunately, two members are brothers. They're older brother was killed in Iraq two weeks ago.

- Big Daddy Weave. I'll be honest, this was the band I least wanted to see, but they did a respectable job, and got the crowd into it. Plus they were really nice guys
- John Reuben. Ok, this white rapper is dang funny. I don't remember laughing so hard in a long time. And he was the brunt of most of the jokes. The last song (before the encore) he made the crowd start chanting "get off the stage" then he stopped the music and said "that's cruel". ROTLMAO! Then the crowd started cheering for an encore, and something went wrong, so the lights never went off. So he made the little rewind noise, and told everyone to pretend the lights went out. Great stuff

- Grey Havens. Local band my friends are in. They wore matching mariachi band suits. LOL. It was funny
- Casting Pearls. Another decent local band
- Philmore. Pop punk / power pop trio. They were pretty good. I've seen them at Cornerstone before, but hadn't really paid much attention. I knew a few of their songs.
- Skillet. Good rock show. They do all the theatrics. Including the altar call, which as far as altar calls go, wans't bad. John, the lead singer, poked fun at himself.

The speakers, well at least the one I saw, Cliff Williams, was good. He talked about thinking and faith. And about Kierkegaard, whom I've been meanging to read.

I'll have to sort through my thoughts and write it all up at some point.


Saturday, July 19, 2003

Why have I been quiet?

First, I don't think anyone really reads this. I just write it for myself.

Secondly, I've been a little busy.

Trip to Cornerstone. Check out the pictures

Plus my roommate got marrried.

I anchored the morning news.

Started to redesign church website

Done planning for upcoming music festival I'm helping with

Gone to work


hung out with friends

Basically, today's the first day in a month I haven't had anything to do :)

Saturday, June 28, 2003

You are Storm! You are very strong and very protective of those you love. You are in tune with nature and are very concerned with justice and humanity. Unfortunately, certain apprehensions and fears are very hard for you to overcome, and can often inhibit you when most need to be strong.

which x-men are you most like?

now if i could control the weather at cornerstone next week :)

Saturday, May 31, 2003

so how many guys does it take to call a hockey game?

abc / espn only needs two during the regular season, but for some reason come stanley cups finals it takes eleven:

studio set:
John Saunders
Barry Melrose
Chris Berman (yeah, I don't get that either)

play by play team:
John Davidson
Bill Clement (Clement and Thorne are ESPN's top two-man team)
Gary Thorne

locker rooms / bench / crowd reporters:
Steve Levy
Al Morganti
Sam Ryan
Brian Englboom
Darren Pang

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

last summer i broke my wrist. roller blading. yep.

anyway, i had this big green cast, and you wouldn't believe the signatures i got on it, at various places.

MxPx, the punk band currently starring in a Pepsi ad
Jason Dill, the pro skateboarder better known for freeloading at the home of TV's the Osbournes
Jay Bakker, son of TV Evangelist Jim Bakker

Plus others, including my sister Becky, my friends Sheree and Jessie, and a whole bunch more.

Kinda random, I realize, but interesting, none the less.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

four days ago, the thermometers almost hit 90. now, we're expecting snow.

the suckiest part though, is while it's gotten colder here, a couple of my friends have gone to cancun, and will probably miss the snow, unless there's a freak storm in mexico.
The advent of daylight savings time had me thinking about something that's always puzzled me.

Why is it when you set your clock back in the fall, you go from 3 to 2. But when you move a meeting back you go from 2 to 3?

And when you move your clock up, you go from 2 to 3, but when you push an appointment up, you move it from 3 to 2?

When you say "back" you generally think later, but sometimes you mean "earlier".

The same kind of thing can apply when you cross a time zone. I've had arguments with people who ask "which way do I set my watch" and I say, "we just went back an hour" but they say "no, I need to move it up an hour", but we're really thinking the same thing. We both moved our watch from 2pm to 1pm because we travelled west over a time line.

Or am I completely insane? (ok, don't answer that)

Friday, April 04, 2003

favorite u2 songs of all time (at least as of april 4th, 2003 11:50 pm)

Beautiful Day
Mysterious Ways
North and South of the River
Walk On
Where the Streets Have No Name
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Until the End of the World

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Here's one of my favorite all time .sigs on the net, stolen from Ed Rock:

"When someone asks me if I surf the net, I reply,
'Hell, I'm one of the waves.'"--net.goddess Amanda Wolf a.k.a Batwoman

Sunday, March 23, 2003

please tell me i'm not the only one who enjoyed watching michael moore get booed at the oscars. i'll admit... part of me actually liked "roger & me" but i don't think i could stomach "bowling for columbine". and i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks he's an ignorant blowhard.

he's no peter o'toole.

and here's my list of people i never want to see in a cutaway shot at the oscars ever again:
- cameron diaz makes the list for playing with her hair
- ed harris, who looks like he's aged 10 years in 12 months
- nicholas cage, because, well, he's nicholas cage
- i'm gonna put jack nicholson on the list. i get sick of seeing the smirking jack with his sunglasses on
- i'm tempted to say no more cutaways of sean astin. please, could someone else from lord of the rings come to these award shows? somebody? anybody?

all in all, the awards went about as i thought. i figured chicago would take most of the big awards, and art awards, and lord of the rings would get the technical stuff. i guess i've come to the realization lotr will never win for best picture. i hope return of the king does. that would be fitting. it's an epic the likes of which i don't think we've ever seen.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

oh yeah, forgot to mention... after two months of snowless winter, now we're transitioning into the rainless spring that is nebraska, circa 2003.

dang, we could use some moisture. apparently this drought is as bad, or worse than the drought of the '30s, but technology, better farming, and the general lack of connection to agrarian society has kinda kept it out of mind.
i know... i've been abset from here in a while. sorry. i promise i'll post more, although no one really reads. but that's ok. because 1) i probably just lied when i said i'd post more and 2) i don't care if anybody reads.

there's some strange stuff going down in this crazy world of ours. war, sure, but even close to home. the other day i covered a story on the news that was pretty strange. this average white couple, with a young child and another on the way woke up in the middle of the night, their house in flames. they looked outside, and someone spray painted swastikas and profanities on their house. and apparently they don't have any enemies, that they will admit to. that can't be the whole story, but that's the story the cops are going with too. strange, huh? who would torch some normal couple's home, and spray obscenities on it?

i've been reading stanley j grenz's _primer on postmodernism_

listening to:
evanescence _fallen_
u2 _best of 1990-2000_
some various remixes i burned from bt, moby, dj tiesto, delerium, etc

Sunday, February 09, 2003

funny how some scriptures are so widely abused. here is one guys far from complete list.

others i like:
"your body is a temple of the holy spirit" used to condemn smoking, drinking et cetera
then there's the whole "whatever is pure, noble..." from philippians.
and i could go on and on.

and don't get me started on the prayer of jabez. i recently a parody called "the mantra of jabez" pretty funny and sound too

Friday, January 17, 2003

quick like ninja!

i always liked how that sounds.

we finally got snow this week. 6 inches on wednesday, although it felt like 2. it was the light fluffy stuff that drifts, and blows, but if you pick up a handful, it turns to powder in your hands.

a few favorite links right now, none especially new:

microsoft's terraserver (you'd be amazed at the ariel photos that exist... it wasn't hard to find my neighborhood on this site, an old favorite i haven't played with
landover baptist it's not a real church, but satires american church culture. be warned, it can be a little crude, and worse. but it's dang funny too

quick like ninja!

Monday, January 13, 2003

as you'll see in my last post, made a month ago, i added a bunch of new contacts to trillian (i use it to chat on aim, msn, yahoo, icq all at the same time. it's pretty nifty). anyway, i'm up to nearly 200 contacts, so it's a danger to get online now, because i get swamped.

other than that, the big news is my friends are recording a demo cd, and i even got to play on one of the tracks. just a small part, but still pretty cool. we'll get some mp3s up at some point.