Saturday, April 05, 2003

The advent of daylight savings time had me thinking about something that's always puzzled me.

Why is it when you set your clock back in the fall, you go from 3 to 2. But when you move a meeting back you go from 2 to 3?

And when you move your clock up, you go from 2 to 3, but when you push an appointment up, you move it from 3 to 2?

When you say "back" you generally think later, but sometimes you mean "earlier".

The same kind of thing can apply when you cross a time zone. I've had arguments with people who ask "which way do I set my watch" and I say, "we just went back an hour" but they say "no, I need to move it up an hour", but we're really thinking the same thing. We both moved our watch from 2pm to 1pm because we travelled west over a time line.

Or am I completely insane? (ok, don't answer that)

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