Wednesday, August 06, 2003

well, I survived Soulstice. It was a music festival sponsored by my church and a local camp. I'm not sure what my official job was, but I did some of the following:

- Designed / maintained website
- Lined up radio / tv interviews to promote event
- Ran various errands
- Made flyers
- Put up tents
- Took pictures during festival, which were then used as slideshows on mainstage
- printed pictures on printer during shows, to have bands sign them directly afterwards
- MC'd mainstage
- sent out press releases

Plus, I hung out with the bands, and kids from my youth group too.

We had the following bands on mainstage
- After the Order. Local band. It's not groundbreaking music, pretty much commercial rock a la Creed, Collective Soul, etc.
- Bleach. Usually a five piece band, they played as three. Unfortunately, two members are brothers. They're older brother was killed in Iraq two weeks ago.

- Big Daddy Weave. I'll be honest, this was the band I least wanted to see, but they did a respectable job, and got the crowd into it. Plus they were really nice guys
- John Reuben. Ok, this white rapper is dang funny. I don't remember laughing so hard in a long time. And he was the brunt of most of the jokes. The last song (before the encore) he made the crowd start chanting "get off the stage" then he stopped the music and said "that's cruel". ROTLMAO! Then the crowd started cheering for an encore, and something went wrong, so the lights never went off. So he made the little rewind noise, and told everyone to pretend the lights went out. Great stuff

- Grey Havens. Local band my friends are in. They wore matching mariachi band suits. LOL. It was funny
- Casting Pearls. Another decent local band
- Philmore. Pop punk / power pop trio. They were pretty good. I've seen them at Cornerstone before, but hadn't really paid much attention. I knew a few of their songs.
- Skillet. Good rock show. They do all the theatrics. Including the altar call, which as far as altar calls go, wans't bad. John, the lead singer, poked fun at himself.

The speakers, well at least the one I saw, Cliff Williams, was good. He talked about thinking and faith. And about Kierkegaard, whom I've been meanging to read.

I'll have to sort through my thoughts and write it all up at some point.


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