Thursday, February 05, 2004

This is what we call a snow news day.

When it snows, and you're a tv reporter in Nebraska, you do a snow story. Here are some of the ones I've seen...
shoveling hard on your heart
shoveling hard on your back
picking out the right shovel
picking out the right coat
protecting from frostbite
ridealong with the plow
to call / not to call school off
winter survival in your car
frozen pipes
fire threats (space heaters)
ridealong with the pizza delivery guy
follow the mailman on his route
snow removal budget
impact on the drought
sledding injuries
economic impact of snow
stores sold out of shovels
people rushing to the grocery store
livestock and the snow
farming and the snow
cities declaring snow emergencies
when / when not to plow
of course I forgot winter driving / accidents
ridealong with the tow truck

and on and on

my friends give me a hard time about having to do the "snow" story :)

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