Monday, March 29, 2004

Police Continue To Investigate Hastings Murder

Another murder to cover. They're always a tough assignment, personally, and professionally. This one has more personal connections than most, as well.

Here are the murders I've covered, that I remember
- Little Diana Molina, two year old beaten to death
- Amie Barnett, killed by her estranged husband
- Sword Slaying supect Chris Decker killed Ken Skidmore with a sword
- La Movida shooting where the guy (Gabriel Contreras)
- Marsha Montano murdered outside her home
- Bruce Carlson killed his wife
- There was the Burkhardt guy
- Lopez / Espinoza killed Kendall Wertz in GI
- Ruiz-Medina convicted of murder iN GI
- Oh, there was Willa Caster in Kearney, I covered the trial
- There was the so-called mercy killing Hebron with the Ohlrich man who killed his wife who supposedly had cancer but didn't really
- Who could forget the most notorious, Jose Sandoval, from one of the deadliest bank shootings in US history
- Louis Conover Jr. in Hastings killed his parents
that would make this at least #14, and I may be forgetting some, sadly.

I'd like to think I do a good job of getting these stories right. That's seems silly to say, as a journalist should get it right, but many don't. Many don't understand the legal proceedings, and also make stupid mistakes that cost credibility. I don't think I do.

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