Saturday, April 17, 2004

so if I were to place an ad for those seeking work, here's what I was thinking of writing.

Culture-savvy, Creative, get-things-done Guy Seeks Meaningful Opportunity

Does your organization need a faith-infused, culturally sensitive creative-type to get things done? Look no further. An award-winning journalist with a heart for the emerging church, and the postmodern generation is seeking not just a job, but a career where his passion for truth, beauty, and love come together.

Photography? I can do that. Video shooting / editing? The Associated Press sure thinks so, from all the awards they've handed out. Youth ministry? Check. Six years and counting. Web design? More than a decade of experience. Small groups? You bet. College ministry? I know a thing or two, having been in leadeship through my four years. Ever run a music festival? Sure have. Know how to build relationships? Yep. And that's just the beginning. Eagle scout? How'd you know? Plus I'm a music fan (U2, Moby), avid reader (C.S. Lewis), movie buff, and have even known people who have been on Survivor and The Real World (true story).

Sounds like someone you want on your team? Of course!

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