Tuesday, July 27, 2004

well, I fell like I've made some major life accomplishments.

For the first time I...

...saw Starship Troopers. It made me hurt.
...went to Home Depot. It was a big warehouse type place but I couldn't find any employees, so I went to Ace Hardware. (Ace is the Place with the Helpful Hardware Man)
...bought plexiglass.
...bought scrapbooking supplies at Hobby Lobby.
...made a cool photo collage. It took the combined brain power of my sister and I, but it's done.

When a friend & his wife announced they were moving (he's been a youth pastor I've worked with) I took a bunch of black & white photos of students and sponsors, hoping to do something with them. I couldn't figure out what. My sister suggested making a three layer photo montage. I bought a movie poster frame. It has one sheet of plexiglass in it. I had two more cut to fit the frame.

I bought these photo stickers at Hobby Lobby (the kind that stick the pic to something) and stuck a bunch of B&W photos to the back sheet of plexi. I overlapped some, and left several gaps.

On the next sheet, I layered some color pics to fill in the gaps, and cover up portions of the B&W pics. It creates a nice dimensional piece. I chose not to put a mat in the back, so it really does have a lot of depth.

The front sheet is the one that came with the frame. Nothing's attached to it.

It looks really cool. And you can make it at home too!

Start with the poster frame. You don't use it for anything but as a glass to cover the art inside. And the other two sheets get covered with photos. I left some gaps so you'll be able to see the wall through it in patches. I'm proud. I'll post a pic later.

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Jennifer said...

Wow, you've never been to a home depot?!? I find that amazing. As a homeowner, I'm there all the time.

Nice blog, by the way. :) I found it via blogs4god.