Saturday, October 16, 2004

I love this kid. His name is John.
He's a smart, and funny kid, and definitely unique. But the brain that set him apart, making him a math whiz, and definitely not mundane began to fail him six months ago. Just four weeks before his high school graduation, he learned he was getting a full four-year scholarship to a prestigious tech program. And he learned he had an inoperable brain tumor. Turns out they operated anyway. After weeks in the hospital he finally came home this summer. He was getting stronger, although obviously slowed by his condition. His brain was repairing itself. His motor skills were coming back. He was on his way to being John again. He planned to take a year off, then head to college. So he decided to volunteer as a youth leader at church, as I do.

Then I got the e-mail I didn't want from his mom. John was losing control of his arm. They did a spinal tap; Doctors discovered more cancerous cells. There was a new problem. John's family tell me they know he will be healed, but don't know if that means he'll be taken from us, and healed by the great healer.

John's the only boy in the family. Eight sisters and him. And his life may be cut short at 19 by a condition that threated the very thing that made him him.

I'd ask for your prayers for not only John, but his family. The doctors haven't given them much hope, so as they always do they've turned to the source of hope, and they have the peace that passes understanding.

But it still hurts.

I can't imagine losing your only son, especially one who's young and a true original. Posted by Hello

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