Thursday, November 04, 2004

from the Argus Leader - Local News: "Republican John Thune's South Dakota values message apparently boosted his standing in key areas such as suburban Sioux Falls and the Black Hills, giving him a 2-point win over Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle.

Building on his small-town image, a self-professed need for change and the charge that his opponent had traded South Dakota ideals for Washington clout, Thune sealed victory early Wednesday morning."

You think? The Argus Leader is South Dakota's biggest and most influential paper. It's a solid paper, but it's liberal leanings have never been more clear than this year, as the paper doggedly stood by Tom Daschle, giving John Thune no shot. Now Thune has been elected, they seem to sheepishly admit he may have connected with voters more than Daschle did. No kidding. Thanks for finally catching the obvious. Of course, I'm biased too, towards Thune, so I'm probably a bit harsh, but Thune is more in step with everyday South Dakotans than Tom Daschle, and I'm happy to support Thune, even if I no longer live in SD and can't vote for him.

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