Friday, June 10, 2005 - MLB - MLB Power Rankings: "POWER RANKINGS
White Sox 1. Chicago White Sox: White Sox starters lead the AL in wins (32), ERA (3.55  just ahead of the Twins) and BAA (.243). They're also an unbelievable 19-7 in one-run games.
Cardinals 2. St. Louis Cardinals: The Cards start Jason Marquis, Mark Mulder and Matt Morris against the Yankees this weekend, and the three are a combined 21-6 this season.
Twins 3. Minnesota Twins: After missing four games with a sore left elbow, Justin Morneau got the message: His teammates (and manager) expect him to step up and play through the pain."

I'm Number 2!!! And #3!!! Now if only one of my teams can be #1 Woohoo!

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