Sunday, July 03, 2005

Covered Main stage tonight, which was fun. I was up there briefly the other day for Andy Hunter, but this was my first full fledged main stage duty. It's cool being up there with the big boys, especially since I got to borrow a Nikon D70, so I really did feel like a big boy.

I'm not familiar with Jeremy Camp, but he was ok. I hadn't seen Jars of Clay forever, so that was nice to be up there shooting them. A pic of them I took several years ago was actually on the splash page to their website for a loooong time, which was always cool. Then I had to go off the stage, because Audio Adrenaline wouldn't let anyone on the stage. But that's ok, I shot some stuff in front of the barricade, and the lead singer leaped into the crowd anyway.

The highlight of the night was when Ashley Cleveland joined Jars for a few songs. I have to post some pics now, so I'll have more later!

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Jonathan Dix said...

Steve, it was cool to see Ashley able to be up there with Jars. But the festival should have rescheduled her set so she could be there easily, instead of having her start her Gallery set early without any announcement for fans. Several fans were dissapointed to come over to Ashley's set to find it half-over already.

And the thrill of being backstage of Main Stage only lasted about 20 minutes for me (too bad I didn't streak through Jars with my 'bannerman John 3:16' shirt -- that would have livened up "Flood").