Friday, June 30, 2006

Thank goodness for Gmail!

I was able to find an email exchange from a year ago where my sister sent me her Cornerstone Festival packing list.

This year's festival is only a few days away. Here are some things I'll try to bring, courtesy last year's list:

Tent & tarps & stakes & poles -- and means to get stakes into ground?
Sleeping bag & pillow (optional) & aero bed (optional but good!)
Breakfast foods (since expensive on site and easy enough to do at tent) -- granola/cereal bars, juice packets that can stay good despite the heat (i.e. not OJ that needs refrigeration).
Limited food prep stuff - for sandwiches / etc - knife, napkins, bread, peanut butter ought to do
Cooler / ice / water bottles / etc.?
Shower: shoes, container to take there, 2 towels, clothespins (optional)
Clothing: shoes for mud, shoes for dry, socks, hat
Medical: sunscreen, tylenol-type product, aloe (?)
Other: small mirror, flashlight, camera, batteries, ziploc bags to keep stuff dry in bookbag on rainy days, etc.
Bible & notebook
Here's the one we've found to be quite handy over the years -- instead of bringing my clothes and stuff in a suitcase, I bring it in a rubbermaid container. If it rains, your stuff will stay nice and dry. Of course, if it's hot and humid, you're stuff with get hot and humid in there, so that's an issue. But when it rains, it's wonderful!

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