Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The evolution of Cornerstone fashion since I've been attending: (now with links aplenty!)

1998 - Grunge comes towards the end. Say goodbye to flannel shirts, but hang on to those baggy pants for a while yet. Ringer t's are the latest in hipster chic. We can revive a style from the past but still look cool, because it's all about deconstructing the past not reliving it, or so we tell ourselves while thinking we're cool after hearing our first seminar on postmodernism.

1999 - Grunge is ending. Big sideburns and a nice goatee are hanging with us though. Old Navy Performance Fleece keeps us warm as we sleep after midnight encore shows and cargo pants give us plenty of pockets to hold our CD purchases.

2000 (C2K) - It's cool to be a skater. Grab your DC Shoes and Alien Workshop tees. The whole hardcore scene is still a bit underground, but the punk and ska things are really taking off in grunge's wake. Then again, not much fashion to be seen, as rain creates mud people.

2001 - Let's go to the punk rawk show. Spike your hair, and make sure it's dyed, and not subtly. Red, blue, green, and purple are good choices. On the plus side when you go home on college break, mom won't complain about your grades, just your hair. Or just dye it at Cornerstone and wash it when you get home.

2002 - Punk and ska peak, so bring your skinny ties and throw on a pair of Chucks while skanking to the sounds of Five Iron Frenzy. Cornerstone starts with Day 0 (Tooth & Nail Day) where we hear all those punk bands. Also, for some reason (cough, cough Ashton) mesh-back trucker hats enter the scene. John Deere combine owners celebrate when old hats sell for more than a bushel of Bushnell corn.

2003 - Ironic t-shirts are all the rage. If you wear your State Basketball 2003 shirt, you're such a loser. But that vintage baby blue YMCA Summer League '83 shirt is so hip! Thrift store pants, especially old man pants Grandpa Jack would've worn are the coolest!

2004 - The year of the western cut shirts with the snaps, aka the shirts grandpa buys because his arthritis is too bad to button a shirt anymore. That, and ironic t-shirts hang on. Also, a resurgence in black t-shirts. And polo shirts with vertical stripes. Kind of a mishmash of styles going on this year. You can tell we're in a transition. Sixpence is done, nu metal is fading. Switchfoot is taking off, and they're more preppy.

2006 - Like rain on your wedding day, ironic t-shirts are washed up. They're out there, but so 2003. It's all about girl pants and black t-shirts. And if you're a guy, it's no problem to match the dude next to you.? Headbands and those '70s style athletic shorts are back too. The Steve Prefontaine look is back and it's too much rock for one hand!

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