Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Top Secret! I've been assigned a secret project at work. So secret, in fact, only three of us know about it. Not even the news anchors know. The producers don't know. And the other reporters don't know.

Might not be the biggest story of my life. Although, it does sound pretty cool. Kind of fun to have a fun project now and then. Early today I found out I also get to surprise our first teacher of the month winner with my camera, but that's not the secret, because, well, it's not.

October has been filled with political coverage at my TV station. Virtually every day I've seen one politicial or another. Election campaign ads have been brutal here. Ridiculous arguments about who didn't pay their taxes or who's lying more than who.

oh yeah, I'll tell you more about the secret project when it's, uh, not secret anymore! And it has nothing to do with politics, thank goodness!


colleen said...

hummm...i was going to say something politicial in nature but you already shot that down. :o)

i cannot wait until election night here in minn. many races should be too close to call. am1500 had bachman (rep), wetterling (dem) and the independent on and they were calling out wetterling on some of her tv ads (guess the info on them about bachman is false; even the startribune agreed and they don't side with the rep party very much), they go to break, come back and wetterling has left the building. priceless.

Steve said...

I spelled in out in the post I made, starting in paragraph two.


Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in Nebraska. That was priviliged information 12 hours ago. It was embargoed from hitting the news until then.

Becky Laswell said...

You're too creative, Steve. It's like that Simpsons episode where Homer's mom sends him messages through odd newspaper articles.

Or, at least that's the best I can come up at 7am. :)


Anonymous said...

Extreme was in Toronto, South Dakota this past summer; show to air next week.