Sunday, November 05, 2006

Go Big Red! No more "Hail to the Chief" is was the Husker fight song that ushered Pres. George W. Bush before Republicans Sunday.

Will Nebraska go big for the red? Nebraska is one of the reddest states, supporting Pres. Bush with strong numbers in 2004. But it could elect, get this, a Democrat to Congress!

And that Democrat, while he has ties to Nebraska, grew up elsewhere. Scott Kleeb is a Yale grad, who grew up on military bases overseas. He's sold himself as the independent voice the state needs. That message seems to be resonating. Kleeb, a guy whom few had heard of a few months ago, could defeat two term state senator Adrian Smith, a staunch Republican.

Just the thought Nebraska's most conservative district could elect a Democrat has sent shockwaves to Washington, which resulted in the President's visit today.

He spoke at our brand new arena, which is a couple of minutes away from my house. Security wasn't bad. I've seen one sitting president before (Clinton) and one sitting VP (Cheney), not to mention one ex-VP (Quayle). It's nice being the "dean of Grand Island TV repoters" as one cop dubbed me. Having been here longer than anyone has its perks. When I showed up at the door, they knew who I was and bumped me up in line. I had to show my ID to get in, but they already knew who I was.

The President arrived in the building around 4pm and spoke for most of the hour. We went live until about 5:10 and pciked back up for our 5:30 newscast.

Whatever you think of this president, and I'm not going to say one way or the other (gotta maintain that journalistic integrity), it is always fun to see a president. The leader of the free world was there in a building that was just constructed. I had to help host a telethon to raise money for this building, and now the President of the United States is there in front of me. That alone was pretty cool. Posted by Picasa

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