Sunday, December 31, 2006

Steve White, fill-in anchorman!

We're in the midst of a huge storm. It's all ice in Grand Island. No snow.

Timber! Just heard another tree limb go down somewhere near by. That's because it's been raining for the better part of the entire day. At 32 degrees, that's a bad thing. Freezing rain on trees and power lines is trouble. West of here, it turns to snow, although they've had the freezing rain and sleet too.

Power's spotty in Grand Island, but my house seems just fine. However, the TV station I work for is about an hour west. Power went off there around 7am. They've been on generator ever since. That gives the station enough to power the master control room, which is the guts of the station. We have just enough to keep our signals on the air (we're Fox and ABC). But that means not enough to power a studio or newsroom.

So I got called in to anchor from Grand Island, where I run our news bureau.We did the news without a teleprompter, without limited ability to play video, and no graphics.

We were able to power up enough to get the weather guy on from the main studio in Kearney, but that was it

Check this site to see pictures our viewers have sent in.

Church has been cancelled tomorrow, so I'm planning to stay inside and stay warm! Hopefully the power stays on. If not, I have candles, flashlights, and blankets ready!

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