Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bank puts grammar on trial

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Delilah sure is enjoying the new house, and so are Sara and I, even if she doesn't get to move in for another two months.

But I'll admit, all the paperwork involved in a mortgage can be a bit intimidating.

Still, I didn't expect the bank to send me a letter using the words arraigned and Feb. 1 in a sentence together.

Maybe it's just because I'm a reporter who hangs around courthouses, but that word has a specific meaning. If you're being arraigned, someone is filing charges against you in court.

Assuming they meant arranged instead of arraigned, the letter still told me payment would be made out of the account I established Feb. 1. Um, that's next week. I can't establish something in the future.

And they screwed up on a there/their/they're too.

I just hope they're better with numbers than they are with words!

(ps - most of the people at the bank have been extremely helpful, but whoever sent this letter needs to learn to run spell check and grammar check).

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