Monday, October 06, 2008

CNN what are you thinking?

I know the economy is rough. But this is your lead story on

Police: Jobless father kills family, self

That's low. Capitalizing on someone's pain?

And what's that say to others contemplating ending their lives, to see that it'll get you attention?

If you're out of work, on a downward spiral, this is not the answer. There's hope. Christ invites those who are weary and heavy-burdened. Remember that.


CNN, what are you thinking?

In my newsroom, we generally follow a no-suicide rule. Rarely does it do any good to report on

Here, CNN is clearly trying to put a face on the economic story. I get it, people are depressed. But to sensationalize that as the lead story on That's too far.


AtheistGuy said...

Actually I think CNN has done a good job to highlight the problems of those experiencing financial turmoil in this period of economic crises, especially in times when the focus seems to be on rich Investment Bankers and Wall Street, or on Britney Spears or Hannah Montana. People are going to commit suicide whether or not it is reported by the media. We need to realize how our pampering of corporations and banks has caused this situation that has affected millions of Americans.

As for the original blogger, he himself seems like an opportunist, mentioning Christ and religion to further his own Christian propaganda. It's evangelical hypocrites like Bush & Co., whose greed and excessive bible thumping has triggered America's downfall.

Religion never did anyone good. Common sense is above God.

No2Bailout said...

I'm glad that some people still have common sense in this world. I completely agree with you atheistguy. Is time to show the true colors of the so called "American President" that we have had the last 8 years. They want the hard working American Citizen(Lower and Middle) to continue feeding them with a silver spoon. I hope congress doesn't approve this bailout and if they want a bailout, is going to go under the best term possible to help the tax payers. They want the hard working American to get in debt again and continue getting the rich, richer while the future of our kids is not secure. That's their remedy to the economy. Highway robbery at its best. Just ask John McCain how many houses he owns????? Exactly. They don't know. Greedy hypocrites. Ask them to show you their personal accounts? That's where the money is. For the last 8 years they have being taking our money out of our hands just so they can get richer but now they want to act like they know how to fix the problem but they don't explain why it got to where it is now. Ask John McCain about the fundamentals of the Economy? Great, Right. Yes McCain, the economy that you have on your pockets along with the hypocrites that have left this country with all of the money the economy had. My last hope is on the people in congress. I hope they do the right thing for our kids future sake.

Me said...

As horrible as this situation is, I can't say I feel overwhelming pity for the man who murdered his entire family, including a son who was a Fulbright scholar, just because he wasn't the breadwinner anymore; I know plenty of fathers and mothers who have taken two or three menial jobs that pale in comparison to their old higher-paying jobs' salaries, but they do it, they don't kill themselves and their families. I feel for the family, three sons with bright futures ahead of them. Other articles I've seen mention that there were three cars in the driveway, including an SUV and a Lexus. Why not sell them? The house was already sold, not foreclosed upon. They weren't homeless yet, and the fact the man was mentioning the suicide/ murder-suicide to others and no one gave him a dose of reality is distressing.
I've always despised GW and his administration, but I've never understood these types of murder-suicides where some ego apparently persists amongst the raging despair. His administration really screwed up, but deregulation's been around for years, and if people and banks didn't have a crackhead/drug dealer relationship when it came to credit, this wouldn't have happened.
If ANYBODY thinks about suicide, seek help, go to a hospital and admit yourself, call a hotline, talk to a psychiatrist. And read about impoverished people in other parts of the world for perspective: there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you who finds the will to survive. If they can, so can you, even if the US is in the crapper right now.

Me said...

**I feel for the family, three sons with bright futures ahead of them.**

Note to self: don't write first thing in the morning, my verb tenses stink!

**I feel for the family, three sons who had bright futures ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

This guy was an asshole and deserves NOTHING!Why do men think the size of their bank accounts (and their penis)has anything to do with their familys happiness?This "Man" would rather murder his family than to downsize their lifestyle or have his son get scholarships.To me this man was not a father but a coward.

Jesus said...

I hope there is a hell that this loser is burning in right now. Pay your god damn bills!

Anonymous said...

CNN just reports the news that makes headlines,sometime as it is sometimes with there own bias attached to get there agenda across what news agency doesn't. As far as the economy goes we have nobody to blame but ourselves,we have indulged ourselves with credit and luxuries beyond our means.

As far as the guy that killed his family,the guy was simply a self centered coward. He based his whole self worth and his families on his job and possessions.

I worked for a company for 20 years I was laid off for over five months,lived on $250 unemployment a week I paid my mortgage and bills and took care of my family,the thought of taking my life and theres never crossed my mind. I guess that the easy way out when you can't face failure,life is about struggle and if you haven't struggled at some point you haven't really lived. What's so hard about just picking up and starting all over.