Tuesday, October 15, 2002

so what's new? besides that my two favorite baseball teams (twins cards) both lost.

work's been pretty ho hum lately. although we have the general election coming up november 5th just in time for the big tv sweeps month. other than that, we've been doing the typical fall stories -- flu shots, etc.

it's tuesday night, and i don't have anything to do. which is rare anymore to have a free night. i really don't know what to do with it. so let's recap last week:
sun - church, followed by after church gab-fest lunch (usually until after 2pm) followed by football, followed by more football
mon - monday night football with friends
tues - think i worked late
wed - free life (youth group) went out afterwards with matt, sheree, jared. ate at perkins until 12:30am. twins, cards both lost
thurs - played roller hockey for a couple hours
fri - hung out at church with a bunch of middle schoolers. sheree and i gave a bunch of sudanese kids rides home, despite their inability to give directions
sat - football
sun - football
mon - football
tues - today

now playing:
sixpence's new single "breathe your name" featuring ubercool b-side "northern lights"
any and all u2
recenty dug up fleming & john's _delusious of grandeur_

and that's about it. spent a bunch of time at church, or watching football with people from church. and won in both my fantasy football leagues to boot. :)

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