Sunday, March 16, 2003

i know... i've been abset from here in a while. sorry. i promise i'll post more, although no one really reads. but that's ok. because 1) i probably just lied when i said i'd post more and 2) i don't care if anybody reads.

there's some strange stuff going down in this crazy world of ours. war, sure, but even close to home. the other day i covered a story on the news that was pretty strange. this average white couple, with a young child and another on the way woke up in the middle of the night, their house in flames. they looked outside, and someone spray painted swastikas and profanities on their house. and apparently they don't have any enemies, that they will admit to. that can't be the whole story, but that's the story the cops are going with too. strange, huh? who would torch some normal couple's home, and spray obscenities on it?

i've been reading stanley j grenz's _primer on postmodernism_

listening to:
evanescence _fallen_
u2 _best of 1990-2000_
some various remixes i burned from bt, moby, dj tiesto, delerium, etc

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