Tuesday, May 11, 2004

so what's on my mind?

here's some stuff i've been doing / thinking about.
- graduation time. makes me feel old :) it's been 10 years since i got out of high school. it's cool to see kids i've invested time in come out alright. nice to know i haven't polluted their minds too much ;)
- matt moving on. matt's the youth pastor at our church, and a once in a lifetime kinda guy. i don't know when i'll find another guy like this. but i don't think it ends here. i think both he and i have a lot more to offer the kingdom of God
- girls. so what's new. i'll find one eventually :)
- disc golf. it's fun
- dance dance revolution. aw yeah
- the kingdom of God has been on my mind. it's becoming increasingly clear to me that salvation isn't just about going to heaven someday. it's also about being part of the kingdom right here, right now (cue fatboy slim). it's about joining God where he's working. Living for the kingdom now. How does that look? I don't know, but it's a process.

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