Monday, March 06, 2006

We're gonna win Twins,
We're gonna score.
We're gonna win Twins,
Watch that baseball soar.

No. 34 has been grounded. No more leaping catches off the hefty bag, no more World Series heroics. No more soaring home runs.

Kirby Puckett died today, and a piece of my childhood did too.

He was a fallen man, undoubtedly, but a hero none the less.

Sure there was the career ending glaucoma and the sordid tales of abuse and infidelity.

But Kirby Puckett smiles at me tonight. Two of his baseball cards sit here on my desk. Kirby, and the Cardinals' Ozzie Smith are maybe the two greatest icons of my youth. I was fortunate to see both play.

As I head to St. Louis this week, I'll definitely remember that 1987 World Series between the two. Not to mention the '91 series between the Twins and Braves, arguably the greatest ever played. And the catalyst for those teams was the undeniably likeable, cherubic ball player.

Crank out a homerun,
Shout a Hip Hooray!
Here's for *the* Minnesota Twin today!


Becky said...

You captured my thoughts, as well. It does feel like another bit of childhood is gone. Kirby Puckett resides in my childhood memories alongside the Snapper "mow-em-down" inning, sitting in the upper deck during SuperAmerica knot-hole games, hearing the Hardware Hank jingle, and going to those baseball card stores in the cities (what was that called - Shindlers, maybe?). Anyhow, it was a bit sad to hear that piece of news.

Colleen said...

Well said Steve. has some nice tribunes to Kirby. My memory will be his smile and hearing Bob Casey (RIP last year) saying "Kir-BEEEEEEEEE PUCK-it!"

Colleen said...

ok it's not liking my link. it's on my blog.