Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If theirs was a show about nothing, the writers of Seinfeld surely must have had a hand in crafting Chuck Hagel's non-announcement Monday.

Political pundits, and many of us in the media thought he was preparing to launch a presidential bid. We talked to him two weeks ago, and he confirmed he was considering a run.

So when a press release came out late last week telling us the Senator was making an announcement on his future, we all showed up.

CNN and Fox were there. It seems every TV camera in Nebraska was there too.

So what did Hagel announce? Only that he'll make an announcement later this year.

Excuse me?

It's been called the announcement of an announcement.

Analysts call it bizarre, puzzling, disappointing. To say the least.

I'm so glad I got up at 5 in the morning to get ready to drive to Omaha to squeeze my camera in so I could hear an announcement about nothing.

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stephanie said...

I agree. That was a little anticlimactic.

Did you know Mute Math going to be in Omaha on April 6th?