Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quick hits

Between planning for marriage (and a wedding), sweeps month, sickness, tons of activity at church (new facility, search committee to find pastor), I haven't exactly had tons of time for an update.

Some quick hits:
- Plenty of updates at so check that out for wedding-related stuff.
- Chelsea Clinton paid Grand Island a visit.
- Nebraska passed a smoking ban. And Grand Island could have one even earlier than the state's.
- The faith is back in Nebraska football. And I mean it when I say faith. Longtime assistant coach Ron Brown is back, and his prayer at a recent fundraiser received applause. That says something. That wouldn't have happened with Bill Callahan's staff. I'm liking new coach Bo Pelini thus far. If nothing else, he's got Tom Osborne on his side, and seems to be listening to him.
- We've been going through marriage counseling, which has been helpful, if for no other reason than to help us articulate what we already know. Although I'll say teen abstinence campaigns (and the True Love Waits card I signed in high school) seem woefully inadequate in an era when many wait longer to get married, but I'll save that for another post.

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ashleymarble said...

Hey Steve! This is Ashley Marble! I love finding new blogs to read especially when I know the person! Congrats on the engagement! Hope you guys are doing well!!!!