Friday, May 30, 2008

Still Lost after the Tornadoes

Not only did I not see Lost last night, I had to be the one to tell the TV viewers of central Nebraska that they wouldn't see it either.

But I hope people are understanding that tornadoes take precedent over TV. Even a season finale.

We did get some email from upset viewers. But we got ten times as many people emailing storm stories, video, and pictures.

Grand Island seemed to have been spared. But our neighbors to the west in Kearney and east in Aurora got nailed by tornadoes. Thankfully, it sounds like no one's hurt.

But it's a mess. It was a long day, and looks like another long day's ahead of us.

Go over to to see video.


Ben said...

when I saw you announce that I felt a little sad inside, because I had just read your blog about 'Lost.'

Steve said...

It's OK. Tornadoes are kind of fun, in a perverse kind of way when you're in news.