Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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According to iTunes, here are the albums I've rated highest for 2007. I meant to do this a long time ago, but hey, I've been moving. Using iTunes helped me do this a little more analytically. I looked at which albums from 2007 I had rated highest in iTunes and also looked at which albums I had listened to the most. That seems to create a pretty good way of determining what I really liked, not what I should like or what I thought I liked, but didn't really listen to much.

So let's jump right into it.

Anberlin Cities
Anberlin Lost Songs

Cities is not only a great album, but the rock album I've been craving. Straight forward rock, crunchy guitars, soaring melodies, and a great front man. Lost Songs is rarities and b-sides, but a nice companion piece. "Hello Alone" and "Godspeed" in particular seem to be in heavy rotation on my iPod.

The Brothers Martin The Brothers Martin

Indie rocker Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 collaborates with synth pop maestro (and brother) Ronnie Martin. The album works best when both sounds come together, for a new wave-esque feel. "Fears to Remember" is definitely one of my favorite songs of the year.

The Echoing Green Suffer EP

I'll always take a new song from Joey B. and some remixes, but this is more. First, Suffer is a cool dark synth track, and the remixes are strong. But it's also got a couple of other new songs which are equally as good, if not better.

Mae Singularity

Some albums take time to grow on you. Mae's previous effort, The Everglow, was not one of them. I just put it in and couldn't stop listening to it. Singularity on the other hand took some time to get into. But having seem these songs live (when Mae was in concert with Anberlin and Motion City Soundtrack), they sound great. "Brink of Disaster", "Sometimes I Can't Make it Alone", and "Crazy 8s" are among my favorites. Nothing tops "Someone Else's Arms" from the last album, but it's still a strong collection.

Honorable Mention for 2007:

Arcade Fire Neon Bible

This was one of those I'll-take-a-chance-and-get-this-on-iTunes albums. But I tend to like it.

Deas Vail All The Houses Look the Same

Got this at Cornerstone. Glad to hear more new bands that play melodic rock.

Eisley Combinations

I don't like this as much as their last CD, but it's OK.

Fauxliage Fauxliage

Leigh Nash of Sixpence worked with the guys from Delerium for this electronica / chill-out album. It's not bad. Not as good as I'd like either, but for what it is, it's OK.

Kanye West Graduation

Yeah, I listen to Kanye. Actually saw him open for U2. I was like not even ten feet from the guy. This has a couple of songs I really dig, and a whole lot of filler. Not as consistent as his last CD, but he's one of the few mainstream hip hop artists doing anything remotely interesting.

Neon Horse Neon Horse

Another Jason Martin collaboration, but I can't get into it as much as The Brothers Martin. I should like this more, but the songs kinda all sound the same.

Relient K Five Score and Seven Years Ago

There are a couple of killer tracks, and several I just don't listen to. It's a shame these guys still haven't hit the airwaves in a big way on pop radio. This is fun, accessible pop punk, and definitely radio friendly. But probably a little safe and boring too.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bank puts grammar on trial

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Delilah sure is enjoying the new house, and so are Sara and I, even if she doesn't get to move in for another two months.

But I'll admit, all the paperwork involved in a mortgage can be a bit intimidating.

Still, I didn't expect the bank to send me a letter using the words arraigned and Feb. 1 in a sentence together.

Maybe it's just because I'm a reporter who hangs around courthouses, but that word has a specific meaning. If you're being arraigned, someone is filing charges against you in court.

Assuming they meant arranged instead of arraigned, the letter still told me payment would be made out of the account I established Feb. 1. Um, that's next week. I can't establish something in the future.

And they screwed up on a there/their/they're too.

I just hope they're better with numbers than they are with words!

(ps - most of the people at the bank have been extremely helpful, but whoever sent this letter needs to learn to run spell check and grammar check).

Friday, January 11, 2008

Delilah in the Sun

Delilah in the Sun, originally uploaded by echobase_2000.

I uploaded a ton of photos to my Flirckr account. Check them out!