Saturday, November 09, 2002

So I've been listening to the new u2: best of 1990-2000 and got me thinking about my favorite U2 songs of the last decade. Here's a short list, and I'm giving more weight to the songs that have been underappreciated in my view.

"Until the End of the World" from Achtung Baby
"Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around the World" from Achtung Baby
"Lemon" Perfecto Mix. The original is on Zooropa. They should have put this mix on the new best of disc.
"Stay" from Zooropa
"Please" from Pop. Dang that's a great song. The only one of the album I listen to over and over.
"North & South of the River" A b-side from the Pop era
"Beautiful Day" gets me every time. The last minute of that song make me teary eyed
"Walk On" -- the imagry also gets me at a very emotional level
"When I Look at the World" - track from All That You Can't Leave Behind
"Summer Rain" a bside from that time

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