Saturday, November 02, 2002

go out and but the new sixpence album Divine Discontent now.

If you like pop music that actually has something to say, get it. This is a band that hasn't put out an album in 5 years (because of legal crap) so the anticipation has been killing me. But the album's definitely worth it.

Also, I plan on picking up the u2: best of 1990-2000 greatest hits disc when it comes out soon.

Other than that, a quiet week in Nebraska. It seems like my friends are all busy this week. Some went on a trip, one couple just got engaged. Another friend moved away. Most work with the youth group at my church, called free life so since they were all busy I got to run the show this week. It went ok, not great, but good enough.

Yesterday I saw a real live Texas Longhorn. Right next to a Nebraska cornfield. The ironic thing is today's big football matchup is between the Texas Longhorns and Nebraska Cornhuskers.

And a local radio station's going to have me on their morning show in a few weeks. Sounds like fun. I really don't listen to their show, to be honest, but I've run across it once in a while. And they may ask me to fill in once in a while when the male host is gone, which would be cool.

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