Friday, January 15, 2010

All Tied Up: Week 1

Date: 1/1/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Pink, Black
Width: Skinny
Shirt: Black
Jacket: Gray
Story: Author who'd written book on fitness medicine, a New Year's resolution piece
Other: I bought this tie at the VOTA concert we hosted at church in December (see pics of the show here including the tie)

Date: 1/5/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Green, Blue
Width: Standard
Shirt: Blue
Jacket: Tan?
Story: Sports reporter who wrote a book on sports journalism. That's two stories to start the year about authors.
Other: That's a very pregnant news anchor, Colleen Williams in the "double boxes" with me.

Date: 1/6/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Tan, Brown, Black
Width: Standard
Shirt: Brown
Jacket: Brown
Story: State budget
Other: Notice my pink forehead? Yeah, that was the last night for that camera. In went in to the shop after that.

Date: 1/7/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Pink, Blue
Width: Standard
Shirt: Blue
Jacket: Black
Story: "No Snow Day for Farmers", talking to farmers to see how they were coping with the blizzard
Other: What you don't see is that I was wearing jeans, long johns, two pairs of socks, and boots. And that it was -15 outside, before the windchill

Date: 1/8/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Purple, Black
Width: Standard
Shirt: Light gray
Jacket: Gray pinstriped
Story: Three stories: Visit to the homeless shelter on a -15 day, a house fire, and a stimulus-related job announcement.
Other:Wore a purple tie because the NFL playoffs were starting, to support my Minnesota Vikings!

And to recap, you'll notice that's five striped ties to start the year. What does that say about me?

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