Friday, January 15, 2010

All Tied Up: Week 2

Date: 1/11/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Blue, Red
Width: Standard
Shirt: Blue, Red on White
Jacket: Blue
Story: City budget shortfall, sales tax revenue down

Date: 1/12/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Light green and blue
Width: Standard
Shirt: Light Blue
Jacket: Whatever that kind of tan one is called
Story: The stimulus project the White House announced is not a done deal, also had to cover a double fatality on a slick street. I was the first reporter on the scene. Police Sgt. Bud Edwards came up to me, visibly shaken, but an arm around me and remarked how it reminded him how much he hated winter. Police are people too. They'd rather not have to deal with death.

Date: 1/13/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Brown with orange stripes
Width: Standard
Shirt: Orange
Jacket: Brown
Story: Covered release of a report highlighting challenges of immigrant children in Nebraska. Then I found out a prominent local doctor had been arrested for pandering. That kept me a little busy, running to the courthouse, digging for info online, calls to the cops, the clinic. In the end, we ran a 30-second story on it.

Date: 1/14/10
Style: Polka dots! Our first non-striped tie of the year
Colors: Black with pink dots
Width: Standard
Shirt: Black, gray stripes
Jacket: Black
Story: Governor Dave Heineman's State of the State address.
Other: I live-tweeted the State of the State speech, and until someone tells me otherwise, I will take credit for the first person to do that, at least to do it from the event itself. I was tweeting on my iPod from the senate chamber on the public WiFi (Follow me on Twitter @stevewhitenews)

Date: 1/15/10
Style: Striped
Colors: Purple, Silver, Black
Width: Standard
Shirt: Light purple
Jacket: Gray pinstripes
Story: A follow-up to the State of the State, focused on education reform.
Other: News anchor Colleen Williams and her husband Chris welcomed their second child at 12:31pm this day.
And another note: Notice the purple? Once again supporting the Vikings. And I've got plenty of purple to make it to the Super Bowl!

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