Monday, June 28, 2004

I went to my ten year high school reunion this weekend.

The link is to the pictures.

I'm old :)

A few observations... it was cool to see not just what people do, but who they are. And in those regards, they've come out well. It's cool to see people I respected in high school who have been thinking through their lives, and the process of faith. It is a process, and something some old classmates have learned, as they understand grace.

Some people have changed, others haven't. Changes come (or don't come) physically, and to personality.

I had a few jitters showing up, mostly because I haven't been home in a few years, since my parents moved away, and also because I was going solo, and knew a lot of people would be married, which it turns out they are. I had a lot of fun just being with the sober people there, and even some of the non-sober were fun to see again too. And that's not a judgment on drinking. Drinking's not an issue with me. Just an observation :)

The best part wasn't the big reception on Saturday night, but the picnic on Sunday because everyone brought their families. That provided a better atmosphere for talking, and finding out where people are at, not just physically and job-wise, but emotionally and spiritually. I liked what I heard. It was cool to see people who I still have something in common with, that I can respect as people on a real level.

I was probably a little quiet, but it was weird being the token single guy, and the guy who, by my own admission, has done a poor job of staying in touch. It doesn't help that I don't go home anymore, because I have no home after my family all moved away.

I regret not getting to see some people I would like to find. Guys like Grant Olson, Chris Stearns, Jeff Richardson, Chad Martin, etc. I was happy to see David Sample, Mandy (Even) & Greg Rabenhorst, Greg & Stefanie Sanborn, Amanda (Sanborn) Downs, Courtney (French) & Justin Moose, oh I'm forgetting some so I'd best quit there.

And I got to spend time at the cabin of Cory and Erin Heidelberger talking politics, philosophy, and religion, just like the good old days.

An interesting 24 hours, to say the least, plus the 4.5 hour car trip each way to and from Grand Island to Madison.

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