Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I've recently pulled out some old (and kinda not so old) humor books.

One of my favorites is James Lileks'The Gallery of Regrettable Food

Lileks went through old cookbooks, especially those wonderful promotionals ones made by the beef council or whoever. funny, funny stuff.

What's Right With America is one of those book of lists type books. It's one giant list. Everything from

4 of 5 doctors can agree to anything...
... and the 5th, independent minded doctor.

A silly, mostly lame book, but for some reason it still makes me smile.

and I picked upMike Nelson's Movie Megacheese, by Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater fame. Funny movie reviews, including comparisons of Bruce Willis to a Jeep. It gets you through the Minnesota winter, but you know it's rusting away.

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