Friday, June 04, 2004

what is salvation? is the point simply to end up in heaven? i tend to think not. that's a nice consequence, but that can't be it. God wants to redeem us, to be part of His kingdom now.

When we think of someone being saved, we tend to think in terms of the starting, and ending points. When did they "accept Christ" and we look to when they will go to heaven some day.

and on evangelism, I like what Brian McLaren says, "In many ways apologetics today is like selling gasoline during the ’70s — you needed to provide both leaded and unleaded gas. … To be a good apologist today, you need to offer both standard and innovative responses to common questions."

If there was no heaven or hell would you still believe?

I think people forget about the kingdom of God, that it exists here and now, as Luke 17 tells us. "the kingdom of God is within you"

Isn't that the point? To live as a part of His kingdom here and now?

My boss' boss was fired today. Or should I say "resigned", but not of his own choice. He was a smooth, charming, charismatic guy. But once you got to know him, he was a manipulative, fear mongering, greedy, controlling, bitter man. He was not a fun man to work for. He inspired greed and ill will. If leadership starts at the top, and a group takes on the characteristic of its leader, than we're an ugly, ugly "kingdom". It's a messy kingdom. Not completely corrupt, but at the same time hardly worth living for. So how have I survived working at a place with such a crappy leader? Because he's not my kingdom. I was in his kingdom, but not of it.

My kingdom isn't mine. The one I'm in will last for all eternity, and I'm already part of it, even before I die. That's salvation. God has redeemed me for His good. I'm called to love God and love my neighbor.

That's the great commandment. Funny how not all the gospels end on the great commission. Maybe it's not as important as we make it out to be. Maybe if we live out the greatest comandment more fully, the great commission will be fulfilled.

stay tuned for moe on the subject...

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