Wednesday, June 02, 2004

NTV - Local News

This was my story yesterday. A personal story it was, at that.

I know John Osenbaugh. He's a cool kid. He just found out two months ago he had a brain tumor. Here's a guy who could do math in his head who was so affected he couldn't remember his own girlfriend. Scary. A guy who's brain got him a full-ride college scholarship finding his brain had failed him. The brain is such an amazing thing. But upset its balance, and it's frightening. Another friend of mine suffers from seizures. I found him the first time after he had them a few years ago. It was right before 9/11. He couldn't remember things. Didn't know why I was in his house. As I was talking to him, he forgot I was there. Then 9/11 hit, and he couldn't tell it was real. He's doing well now, and I hope John too will recover. He's a great guy and a fighter, so I expect nothing less :)

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